would take his throne and when he met me he promised me
limits. I sent a dress drenched in poison to the bride. She
the throne if he would bring him the Golden Fleece. 85
wore it on her wedding day and all the palace vanished in
heroes have sailed with me to fetch it: Hercules, Orpheus,
flames. I remarried King Aegeus in Athens, but one day his
Castor and Pollux, the father of Achilles and the father of
son Theseus came to claim the throne from my son Medus.
Odysseus and huntress Atalante were on board of the Argo.
I missed to poison Theseus and then I fled on the flying
The goddess of wisdom, Athena, gave us a piece of Zeus'
chariot of my grandfather Helius. I arrived with Medus to
holy oak for the ship, Argo, built by shipwright Argos, son
the Persian plateau, where the Aryans renamed themselves
of Phrixus. We navigated between both the Clashing Rocks
to Medes.
and the Wandering Rocks and managed to avoid the fatal
In the meantime Cyrus, king of the Persians,
allure of the Sirens. We sailed through the Bosporus, where
has but one in his mind: how to overthrow his brother,
the Argo narrowly escaped shipwreck, we met the fierce
Artaxerxes II, holder of the throne. He establishes strong
Amazons. In Colchis king Aeetes, asked us to make a series
relationships with the Greeks of Sparta. It is easier for him
of labors to avoid deliver the skin. I have fallen madly in love
to establish a strong army of Greek mercenaries. At the
with Princess Medea, who helped us to win the Golden
beginning Cyrus does not reveal his real intention. He tells
Fleece sacrificing her family and homeland. We escaped
the soldiers that the campaign is against the governor of
Colchis forever sailing away on the board of the Argo.
Caria, who betrayed him. 10.000 Greek mercenaries called
I am Medea.
Myriads set off to march from Sardis to Mesopotamia in the
I am remembered for having killed my children with Jason.
spring of 401 BC invited by his old friend Proxenus,
Love and hate know no limits. Our children were born in
Xenophon joins the campaign. He is neither a general, nor
Corinth. Jason thought by marrying king Creon's daughter,
officer or mercenary, but a pupil of Socrates the
would add to his own power and the rights of his children!
philosopher. Only in Cilicia Cyrus reveals his soldiers the
Betrayed, divorced and exiled by Creon my rage knew no
truth. They confront the Persian army led by his brother