In 1939 World War II started. Despite the
In 1943 all Jews of Drama were forced into
victory in 1940 the Greeks suffered an
the tobacco factories of Aghia Varvara.
occupation by three Axis powers (Germany,
After three days they were sent to Treblinka
Italy and Bulgaria). Drama was occupied by
in Poland: 1,096 families, 4,273 persons,
Bulgaria from 1941 until 1944. I had only
among which 681 children. Nobody
one thing in mind, how to save my family. I
survived. After the war I returned to Drama.
had my wife and children scattered in
I rented the ground floor and the first floor
different homes and orphanages in Athens.
of my house to the Greek Postal Service. I
No one but me knew where the other were.
restarted my business as a cloth merchant.
My house became the postal, telegraph and
In 1967 Greece suffered a military coup.
telecommunications center of the Bulgarian
This time I left for good. I gave the house to
Army. I had to flee myself as well.
my sons. Unlike many others, we escaped
the Holocaust... I have 10 grandchildren
now. This is my prize from life.