I am Samuel Feiss,
cloth merchant. The
1920s were the Golden
Age for Drama: we
imported manners, life
style, fashion and
construction materials
from Europe. I sold
cloths, bags, hats and
shoes from Paris,
London and Vienna. I
belonged to the flourishing Jewish
community of our city. The rising demand
for high quality tobacco led to many joint
commercial Christian-Jewish businesses.
We w e r e e n j o y i n g
and good social relations.
In 1927
I built my house in the new
European style, the Art
Nouveau*. I am particularly
fond of the iron works and
the paintings in the marble
*Movement in decorative arts and architecture in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries inspired from both organic and geometric forms, evolving elegant
designs that united flowing, natural forms with more angular contours.