I am Simon Spierer*, tobacco merchant. I
was born in 1926 in Trieste in Italy. One
year later my father Hermann died in 1927.
In 1932 Germany made demand rise as a
large scale buyer, but the great strike in
May 1936 in Greece reflected the social
problems tobacco workers were facing. In
1939 World War II started. Nazi Germany
destroyed the Greek tobacco economy sei-
zing all the tobacco supplies, 22 tons! In
1943 I immigrated to Switzerland. A year
later the fascists arrested in Trieste my mot-
her Victoria and my sister Helen. They we-
re brought to the concentration camp Ber-
gen Belsen**, but survived the Holocaust.
*In 2004 Simon Spierer (1926-2005) donated a collection of sculptures
worth 15 million Euros to the city of Darmstadt in Germany.
**Concentration camp in today's Lower Saxony in Germany, notorious for
Nazi war crimes.