We enclose a photograph of our theater for
I am Aristeidis Finoglou, owner of the
you. As you see the fašade is richly
Eleftheria Coffee Shop. In 1906 the Greek
decorated in the neo-classical European
community of Drama builds a coffee shop
style, which is an eternal value. However,
that becomes the meeting point for the
there is a small secret to share: our theater
city's notables. Women are not welcome:
is oblong and perfectly rectangular. You
the two-storey building is the cover for the
see, dear uncle, it was built to be a tobacco
Greek revolutionaries fighting for the
factory! We modified the building to serve
freedom of Macedonia. As soon as Drama is
the movie projections. We heard that
liberated from the Ottomans in 1913, the
Warner Brothers launched a device called
coffee shop is named Eleftheria*. In 1928
Vitaphone. It is reproducing music through
Mrs. Stolinga ran at Eleftheria a pastry
a disc coordinated with the projector. To
shop. In 1932 I took over and refurbished
improve our theater in Drama, dear uncle,
the interior with grand mirrors and seats
we ask you to help us acquire this device.
imported from Vienna to attract the
You can imagine that good sound in the
business aristocracy of our city. Most
theater is imperative for the success of our
unfortunately Eleftheria was requisitioned
in 1941 by the Bulgarian army and became
the officers' club.
*Eleftheria in Greek: Freedom, liberty.