I am Konrad von Vilas from
I have brought skilled
Austria. I was born in
craftsmen from Austria to
Salorno* in 1866. I am a
work onsite from 1922 to
graduate of the Munich
1924. I am convinced that
Polytechnic University.
the art of architecture can
Since 1894 I live and work
be realized only through
in Drama. I fell in love and
mastery and excellence.
got married the very same
year. My wife, Victoria
Grigoriadi, is a Greek from
an illustrious family of
Drama. Architecture is my profession and
my passion. I have built schools, churches,
mansions and factories in the tobacco cities
Drama, Kavala, Thasos, Serres and Volos.
The Tzimou Mansion was a special
challenge for me. I was asked to create a
mansion which would separate family life
from business and celebrate luxury. I found
inspiration in the Renaissance, Baroque
and Art Nouveau.
*Small village in southern Tirolo, today Alto Adige in Italy.