A truly Eurasian story.
Our story starts with Jason and the Argonauts.
We follow them as they move across the first
Eurasian Trail looking for gold. Of course, they
call it Golden Fleece. Those daring merchants
and discoverers have inherited to us the most
intriguing love story ever: Jason and Medea
and the first world adventure: the Argonautica,
with more than 80 mythical heroes on board.
My name is Jason, meaning the healer.
I am the son of the king of Iolkos whose brother
Pelias has forcibly dethroned. My father sent
me to the wise centaur, Cheiron, on mount
Pelion to hide and study. I returned to Iolkos
when I was 20 years old. I lost one sandal
crossing a river. Pelias was told by an oracle that
a one-sandal man would take his throne and