I am Anastasios Gardemis from Epirus. In
The teacher is the indisputable authority in
1909 I had the honor, as first headmaster, to
the classroom, where pupils sit disciplined
enroll 200 pupils in the Greek Orthodox
against the blackboard. Teacher salaries are
Community School of Drama. This school is
twice as those in free Greece, so as to
an initiative of Chrysostomos*, Bishop of
attract teachers into the Ottoman territory.
Drama. The community supports with its
own means a modern school for modern
education. The land was donated by M.
Arigidou. The community and the Melas**
family paid for the construction. The school
is richly decorated and visible from
everywhere in the city. It reveals how much
value we attach to education. We reinforce
our Hellenic identity also with theater
performances, sports and gardening. The
school is open to boys and girls. The girls
are hosted in the first floor and the
boys in the ground floor.
*Chrysostomos Kalafatis (1867-1922): Bishop of Smyrna. In 1922 he was delivered by Nureddin Pasha to the mob in Smyrna and was lynched.
**Pavlos Melas (1870-1904): Captain of the Greek Army, leader of the liberation of Macedonia (1904-1908).