Inspired by the
This is the first step for the political and
R e n a i s s a n c e ,
territorial independence". He was right. In
K l e a n t h i s *
1913 Northern Greece is liberated from the
Ottomans and school education passes from
Kapodistrias, the
the Church to the State.
first Governor of
free Greece, in
1833: "Schools
must be built in
the most visible
places, must be richly decorated so as to be
easily recognized by everyone." The Greek
community in Drama adopts this view and
ornaments its schools with Hellenic
architectural motives. The Ottoman
administration is competing with similar
buildings, as the neo-classical European
style symbolizes modernity. In 1877 the
advisor of the Ottoman Governor in
Thessaloniki warns: "The schools spread
Hellenic ideas and gain moral impact.
*Stamatis Kleanthis (1802-1862): Architect and urban planner
in Athens after the Greek War of Independence (1821-1832).