In 1904 I decided to build my own tobacco
factory. I assigned the task to the Austrian
architect Konrad von Vilas because he is a
perfectionist. Vilas, who lives in Drama
since 1894, designs even the details
himself using a 1:1 scale! He created an
eye catching building, a great asset to my
business. In 1912 I decided to go
to America. Two years later war*
started in Europe. In the
battlefield soldiers were smoking
non-stop. This made the demand
for low cost products rise. This is
how the pastal started. It is a
process which blends the fine
oriental tobacco with other cheap
varieties. My cousins, Nikolaos
and Konstantinos Moskof, who
are tobacco traders in Greece and
Egypt, rented the factory in 1931
to run their business.
*World War I (1914-1918).