I am Hifzi Bey, Vice Governor of Drama. In
1889 I completed the vehicular road from
Drama to Kavala. It is of vital importance to
the tobacco commerce that is why I have
been promoted to Governor. I have also
been honored by the Greek Government
with the Silver Cross.
Our big project is,
however, the railway line
It runs parallel to the
ancient road Egnatia
which connected Roma
a n d o u r c a p i t a l ,
Konstantiniyye**. Our
railway is 15 km away
from the sea to remain
outside of the fire range
of the foreign naval
forces. It is built to
transfer troops and supplies from
Constantinople and Asia Minor to the
Balkans quickly and safely.
*The French railway line Salonique-Constantinople
** Constantinople: the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire (324-1453), present day Istanbul in Turkey.